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The Founders

Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang

Pulmonary Physician & Mindfulness Teacher 

Dr. Jessie Mahoney

Pediatrician,Mindful Life Coach, Yoga Instructor 


Who we are

Inspired by the sessions we are leading at, largely geared towards healthcare professionals, we wanted to broaden our reach and extend offerings more regularly to the general public as well.  We are a group of healthcare professionals who seek to provide safe, evidence-based holistic, educational, interactive sessions, and resources with a basis in mindfulness for the general public.  Regardless of your phase in life,  we have something to offer you.  Using mindfulness, defined as non-judgemental awareness of the present, our goal is to help empower you with tools to change your lifestyle to optimize your health and well-being, and for those that you love. While we are healthcare professionals, we are not providing medical advice or medical treatment recommendations.  Consult your own healthcare professional for whether or not these resources are right for you.  

-Holistic health addresses the mind, body, and spirit. -


Dr. Jessie Mahoney

Pediatrician, Life Coach, Yoga Instructor 

Transforming Challenging Relationships into Amazing Ones through Mindful Coaching

with Dr. Jessie Mahoney

Thursday  4/8 5:30pm PDT

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All-Levels Mindful Yoga

Saturday 4/10 9am PDT



We seek to help you optimize your pillars of health from a foundation of mindfulness:


Let food be thy medicine. You are what you eat. What and how you eat and drink impacts your health significantly.  Learn how to nourish yourself with nutrition that improves and supports your health.  


Getting 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night is important for health maintenance. Learn techniques that you can incorporate to help optimize your sleep habits. 

Sleeping Baby

Internal and external stressors are a part of life.  However, when chronically stressed, or when one deals with stress in unhealthy ways, health suffers. Reduce stress, and develop a healthier relationship with it by learning  techniques that resonate with you. 

A Tower of Stones

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to your health. Learn easy, safe, and accessible ways to move for health.  

Man Doing Floor Exercises

Wellness begins with you!

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