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Free mindful evidence-based wellness resources for all.

The Founders

Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang

Pulmonary Physician & Mindfulness Teacher 

Dr. Jessie Mahoney

Pediatrician,Mindful Life Coach, Yoga Instructor 

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Who we are

Inspired by the sessions we are leading at, largely geared towards healthcare professionals, we wanted to broaden our reach and extend offerings more regularly to the general public as well.  We are a group of healthcare professionals who seek to provide safe, evidence-based holistic, educational, interactive sessions, and resources with a basis in mindfulness for the general public.  Regardless of your phase in life,  we have something to offer you.  Using mindfulness, defined as non-judgemental awareness of the present, our goal is to help empower you with tools to change your lifestyle to optimize your health and well-being, and for those that you love. While we are healthcare professionals, we are not providing medical advice or medical treatment recommendations.  Consult your own healthcare professional for whether or not these resources are right for you.  

-Holistic health addresses the mind, body, and spirit. -

Who we are

Dr. Jessie Mahoney

Pediatrician, Life Coach, Yoga Instructor 


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Why Naturopathy

Wellness begins with you!
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